Recovery oriented resolutions

8 Recovery Oriented New Year’s Resolutions

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For those of you in recovery the Holidays can be stressful, which can be detrimental to your health. This stress can push someone to relapse. That’s why this time of year it is important to reflect and to make a plan for how to stay on track in the New Year. Here are some recovery oriented New Year’s Resolutions that you can make to continue your recovery journey.  

Mend a Tarnished Relationship

When people are in an active addiction, they can make choices and behave in ways that are not only harmful to themselves, but also the people around them. After getting sober, people in recovery will often realize that while they were using, they damaged several relationships. If you find yourself in this situation, mend that relationship or relationships. This could end up adding to your recovery support group.

Read a Recovery Oriented Book

Reading a book that offers helpful insight or tips into alcoholism or drug addiction recovery is a great New Year’s Resolution. Not only that, you can also read testimonials from others who are on the same journey as you and gain new inspiration.

Start Exercising

Aside from the apparent health benefits of a regular exercise routine, some people say people who are in recovery from addiction can benefit from running. Sometimes referred to as “recovery runs,” there are even communities in which groups of people will meet up and go on group recovery runs. Also, when you exercise your body releases endorphins which improves your mood and makes you feel better over all.


Journaling is an important tool that many mental health professionals encourage. Journaling is a healthy way for you to express and process your thoughts and feelings. Writing in a journal is much like therapy; the person gets to vent thoughts or feelings onto the pages of the journal that he or she would be too self-conscious or inhibited to share to another person. Additionally, writing it all out can make things clearer, helping people to gain perspective about things that had happened in the past.

Write Thank You Notes

Speaking of writing, if someone has helped you in some way whether – emotionally, physically, financially, etc. Writing them a thank you note is an easy way of expressing your appreciation. Letting people know you appreciate their help will encourage them to continue to help you in the future. It is important to have a community of people that will help you along the way of your recovery.

Learn Something New

Starting a new hobby or learning something new like a language is a great thing. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in a controlled environment can give you the boost you need, as well as keep you out of an environment that may encourage you to relapse.

Community Service

When you help others, it makes your soul feel all warm and happy. Maybe you were in a situation were you needed the help of others to make it through your day to day. If you are now in a position to help people get out of a similar situation, you will have a greater appreciation for helping because you can relate to them.

Join a Support Group

If you’re not already attending support group meetings, you might choose to make finding and attending support group meetings your resolution. Support groups have shown to be effective as a primary means of recovery or as a form of sustained recovery and aftercare. It is important to remember that recovery is a continual process, and it can be made easier when doing it with others.

You may need more than these resolutions to commit yourself to sobriety. Call one of our eight locations to learn more about one of our treatment programs. Let’s make 2019 a happy and healthy year!