Ready to take control of your future & put yourself in the driver’s seat? You are in the right place!

You are in the right place, at the right time, for the right reason to make the right move to take control from the system and put yourself in the drivers seat. Social Treatment Opportunity Programs is a state licensed Nationally and Internationally accredited treatment program.

If you have personal or legal problems we can help you understand your situation and show you safe and sound approaches to changing your circumstances.

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Social Treatment Opportunity Programs  

Chemical Dependency

We offer programs for chemical dependency as well as chemical abuse. These programs are tailored to the behaviors, stressors, history and decision making processes that can lead to chemical abuse and dependency.

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Domestic Violence

This program focuses on abusive power and control issues in relationships that often result in physical or emotional battery. Relationships not only include husband and wife, but also immediate and extended families or significant others in relationships.

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Anger Management

This program focuses on explosive, contrary or emotional outbursts that result in physical or emotional battery with acquaintances. The goal of anger management is to reduce both your emotional feelings and the physiological arousal.

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Mental Health

Our caring team helps you understand your situation and show safe and sound solutions for your mental health needs to help you address issues and make an action plan on what to do next to overcome them and change your circumstances.

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DUI Assessments

The evaluation/assessment process involves a testing component and clinical interview to determine the level of treatment, education, or recommendation appropriate for the individual.

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This program lasts a minimum of eight hours. It is educational and focuses on decision making, as well as psychological, sociological, physiological, and legal consequences of alcohol/drug consumption and traffic safety.

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Victim Impact Panels

We offer two educational programs that may interface victims with defendants accused of domestic violence violations or DUI’s. These classes may include victims, but may also include other individuals with particular expertise concerning domestic violence and DUI’s.

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No Significant Problem (NSP)

This 8 hour class discusses the psychological, sociological, and physiological aspects of alcohol and drug consumption and traffic safety. Often DUI charges ad reduced or dismissed after completion of this class.

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