Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)

Moral Reconation Therapy is an objective systematic treatment system that is designed to enhance self-esteem, social, moral, and positive behavior. MRT has 12 to 16 steps and attempts to change how decisions and judgements are made to help with addiction.

Moral Reconation Therapy was first developed in 1985. It was based around the idea of changing behaviors and thought processes of incarcerated individuals. The basics of this treatment include understanding of beliefs, behaviors and attitudes.

Studies have shown that this program significantly increases the participant’s odds of success in recovery.  Completing this program ideally will help you better understand your addictive habits and behaviors. The goal is to change the way you live your life, goals and relationships, and help you learn to overcome obstacles.

MRT introduces concepts including:

  • Confronting beliefs, attitudes and behaviors
  • Assessing current relationships
  • Reinforcing positive behavior
  • Forming a positive self-identity
  • Developing moral reasoning