Social Treatment Opportunity Programs

STOP WA is the Number One DUI Education & Treatment Center in the Washington State

It was recently announced that Social Treatment Opportunity Programs is the number one “People’s Choice” of DUI Treatment Centers in Washington State.

Polls showed the following:

  1. Superior in working with Attorneys to minimize punishment and maximize defendant’s opportunities.
  2. Superior in Attorney support and witnessing for defendants in review and revocation hearings.
  3. Superior in speed and efficiency of evaluations and witnessing in defending and support during sentencing procedures.
  4. Superior in professional accreditation and licensing of nation and and international treatment/ education centers.
  5. Superior in gaining ‘deemed’ status in meeting and exceeding Washington State Standards of care.
  6. Superior as one of the few in Washington State to achieve National and International Accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, (CARF).
  7. Superior in patient satisfaction of education/ treatment purposes.
  8. Superior in patient recovery and stabilization during and after education/ treatment impact.
  9. Superior in providing positive defendant reports to probation and judicial authorities that result in client progress and modification of sentencing and dismissal of charges.