DUI Assessments


Evaluations, Assessments and Recommendations

These are initial and critical components of the Education/Treatment services we offer.

The evaluation/assessment process involves a testing component and clinical interview to determine the level of treatment, education, or recommendation appropriate for the individual. This entire process can usually be completed between one and two hours and is available Monday through Saturday.

Items you will want to bring with you to this Assessment interview are the following:

A copy of your Defendant Case History, which is available at the court or possibly through your attorney. We can also print a copy off the Internet for a cost of $10.00. (This document is necessary for your evaluation)

A copy of your police report available at the county clerk’s office or from your attorney. (Describes the “What, Where, When and Why’s” of your arrest)

A copy of any court orders, citations or breathalyzer report.

Anything you may have that pertains to your DUI.