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Frequently Asked Questions2024-02-21T22:40:52+00:00
Are Domestic Violence and Anger Management the same?2024-02-20T18:51:31+00:00

No. Domestic Violence issues always involve past or present family, or live in relationships where there is a pattern of power and control used to dominate the relationship. Anger Management issues deal with unrelated parties where assault and/or display of some type has infringed on the dignity of another. Call STOP for further information.

Are the tests for Domestic Violence and Anger Management the same?2024-02-20T18:16:48+00:00

These tests are often very similar, or even the same. The reason for this is because these tests are looking for indicators of violence.

Are there attorneys who specialize in Domestic Violence and Anger Management issues?2024-02-20T18:10:59+00:00

Yes, and if there are child custody issues involved, we advise contacting an attorney who specializes in family law specifically.

Can Domestic Violence or Anger Management charges be deferred by the court?2024-02-20T18:41:39+00:00

Yes, any misdemeanor can be deferred or a stipulated order of continuance can be granted by the Court.

Can I get a DUI reduced to a lesser charge so I won’t lose my license or go to jail?2024-02-20T19:16:43+00:00

Yes, DUIs can often be reduced to lesser charges such a negligent driving, reckless driving, or even dismissed altogether. Call our offices for a referral to an attorney who is familiar with reducing DUI charges.

Do all clinics offer Domestic Violence treatment?2024-02-20T19:21:09+00:00

No, a clinic must be state-certified with specialized personnel. Ensure that you select one of these clinics for treatment, otherwise the Court may not recognize the treatment or education you receive.

Does a Domestic Violence or Anger Management problem stop me from getting a hunting license?2024-02-20T19:21:19+00:00

Not necessarily, That is why it is important for your lawyer to suggest a bench deferred or a stipulated order of continuance that allows the court to dismiss the charge when you have fulfilled the courts conditions.

How long are Anger Management classes?2024-02-20T18:42:41+00:00

Anger Management classes vary in length, however they typically have a duration of eight hours.

How long are Domestic Violence courses?2024-02-20T18:52:16+00:00

The Washington State Administration Code requires that Domestic Violence courses last one year.

Is it important to do research on a treatment facility before selecting which one to attend?2024-02-20T19:22:27+00:00

We highly recommend researching local treatment agencies and determining which is the correct fit for you. Some facilities have specialty staff or processes in place which allow them to treat a wide range of unique issues. Contact STOP for guidance on which parameters we recommend basing your decision upon.

Is there a simple option that satisfies the Court and Department of Licensing so I can get my Driver’s License back?2024-02-20T19:23:26+00:00

Yes, there is an 8-hour course called Alcohol/Drug Information School (ADIS). Completion of this class will satisfy the Court and the Washington State Department of Licensing, depending on your circumstances. Call our offices to find out more about this opportunity.

What happens if the Court decides I need Alcohol or Drug Treatment?2024-02-20T19:15:12+00:00

STOP offers a number of treatment options which can range from a few days to a couple of years. Your counselor will help guide you through their recommendations as well as the Court’s requirements. Being an outpatient treatment center allows our courses to be as minimally invasive to your life as possible. Our flexible hours of operation and multiple locations give our clients the opportunity to fit treatment into their day-to-day lives

What is an Alcohol and Drug evaluation/assessment?2024-02-20T19:22:44+00:00

STOP’s evaluation process includes a brief meeting with one of our counselors to review your history and your specific DUI experience. The goal of the evaluation is to assess your situation and arrive at a recommendation that is most efficient to you and minimizing any legal sanctions. Please rest assured that your counselor is bound by the Federal Rules of Confidentiality and may not speak to anyone about your evaluation, unless you sign a Release of Information. We recommend our clients only sign this type of release for an attorney.

Will a Domestic Violence or Anger Management charge always be on my record?2024-02-20T18:40:52+00:00

No, the Court could dismiss the charge on the condition that an individual does treatment and/or complies with a court order.

Will I automatically lose my Driver’s License because I received a DUI?2024-02-20T19:23:49+00:00

No, there are a number of alternatives to license suspension. One of the most frequently used alternatives is called deferred prosecution pursuant to the revised code of Washington RCW 10.05. If you choose deferred prosecution and you do not plead guilty, you will not go to jail and there will be no conviction on your record. Call our offices for a referral to an attorney who is familiar with deferred prosecutions.