The Signs and Symptoms of a Drug Overdose

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A drug overdose can happen to anyone, whether it’s your first-time using. Or you’re someone their symptoms require professional help as soon as possible for the best chance of recovery. If you or a loved one is suffering from a substance use disorder and are at risk of overdosing, help is available. Social Treatment Opportunity Programs offers many treatment programs. Our addiction treatment specialists are here to help determine which program is …

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How To Help My Significant Other With Depression

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Are you asking yourself, “how to help my significant other with depression?”  When you deeply care about a person, you don’t want to see them down and depressed. That being said, you might not know what to do when they are having more than just a couple of bad days. These suggestions can help both you and them improve their overall outlook on life.  Are They Depressed or Just Sad? You might …

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The 411 on Prescription Drug Abuse

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When you think about substance abuse or addiction, what do you consider the most commonly abused drugs? Yes,  heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine are at the top of the list. But, you must also consider prescription medication. Unfortunately, millions of people abuse and develop addictions to the medications found in their family’s medicine cabinets. A Little About Prescription Drug Abuse There is a prescription drug epidemic going on in the United States. …

Avoiding Summertime Triggers

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Summertime can be a difficult time for those in drug and alcohol recovery. It is a few months filled with parties, BBQs, and holidays. Days at the beach, music festivals, and more- it can have many triggers. It is important to have a plan to help you stick to your recovery plan and avoid relapse. Be aware of your own personal triggers. Triggers can be a person, emotion, or situation that can …

Supporting a Loved One in Recovery

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If you have a family member or close friend in recovery, you understand how difficult it is. When someone close to you is dealing with addiction, it also impacts those around them. It can be a confusing and overwhelming process and figuring out how to best support them is often a challenge. Here are some tips for helping support a loved one in recovery. Do Research- The more facts you know about …

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The Red Flags of Relapse

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For many of you in the recovery process, relapse is a fear in the back of your mind. For recovery, you need to make a lifestyle change and this isn’t always easy to maintain. A lapse is a one-time return to addictive behavior whereas a relapse is a return to addictive lifestyle. There are many signs that may point to relapse, and if you can identify these signs you can help prevent …