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The 411 on Prescription Drug Abuse

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When you think about substance abuse or addiction, what do you consider the most commonly abused drugs? Yes,  heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine are at the top of the list. But, you must also consider prescription medication. Unfortunately, millions of people abuse and develop addictions to the medications found in their family’s medicine cabinets. A Little About Prescription Drug Abuse There is a prescription drug epidemic going on in the United States. …

Post Treatment Therapy For Optimal Recovery

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Addiction can take a terrible toll on your life and getting on with it after rehab can be extremely overwhelming. Not only does drug and alcohol abuse turn relationships upside down but it will have a huge effect on your own mental and physical health. Have hope though, seeking therapy during the recovery process can give you the opportunity to live a happy and healthy live once again. When facing the hardship …

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The Red Flags of Relapse

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For many of you in the recovery process, relapse is a fear in the back of your mind. For recovery, you need to make a lifestyle change and this isn’t always easy to maintain. A lapse is a one-time return to addictive behavior whereas a relapse is a return to addictive lifestyle. There are many signs that may point to relapse, and if you can identify these signs you can help prevent …