Supporting a Loved One in Recovery

If you have a family member or close friend in recovery, you understand how difficult it is. When someone close to you is dealing with addiction, it also impacts those around them. It can be a confusing and overwhelming process and figuring out how to best support them is often a challenge. Here are some tips for helping support a loved one in recovery.

  • Do Research- The more facts you know about addiction can help you offer your support. Understanding the emotional, physical and behavioral of the healing process will help you connect to their recovery.

  • Don’t Enable- Falling into a habit of enabling can prolong the problem. You may feel you are helping, but enabling allows the addiction to continue without any consequences. Creating a safe and sober environment can be especially helpful in recovery.

    Signs of enabling are:

    • Bailing the person out of jail multiple times.
    • Lending money.
    • Lying to others about the persons behaviors.
    • Allowing them to use or deal out of your house.

  • Set Boundaries– The protect yourself, it is important to set boundaries for your relationship. Decide what you will accept and what you are not. For example…
    • I will not like about your hangovers any more.
    • I will not allow drinking or drugs in the home.

  • Take Care of Yourself– Putting your needs first during this stressful and emotionally difficult time is crucial. Take time for yourself and do things that help reduce stress. Additionally, you may want to join a program specifically for family members. Seeing a counselor can also help.

  • Offer support– Addiction recovery is something that your loved one will go through for life. Accepting this and realizing that different life changes may need to be met is helpful. Your loved one may need to change jobs, leave friend groups, or avoid certain social situations.
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