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The Red Flags of Relapse

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For many of you in the recovery process, relapse is a fear in the back of your mind. For recovery, you need to make a lifestyle change and this isn’t always easy to maintain. A lapse is a one-time return to addictive behavior whereas a relapse is a return to addictive lifestyle.

There are many signs that may point to relapse, and if you can identify these signs you can help prevent it and get help from a professional.

  1. Exhaustion- You are overly tired and in poor health.
  2. Dishonesty- You start to make up unnecessary lies or excuses.
  3. Impatience- Upset because things are not happening quickly enough.
  4. Argumentative- You are arguing over small things to appear in control.
  5. Depression- You feel helpless.
  6.  Frustration- Annoyed with people and life when things are not working out.
  7. Self-Pity- Feeling sorry for yourself.
  8. Arrogance- Try to show others you don’t have a problem and start to take risks to prove you no longer fear relapse.
  9. Complacency- Letting go of discipline and healthy practices.
  10. Attitude- Upset about other people not changing when you have.


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