Mental Health and Addiction

Mental disorders can affect many people regardless of background, race, or gender. There are hundreds of different mental health issues that can be caused by genetics, drug use, trauma or other things. Doctors report commonly seeing patients that suffer from both substance abuse and mental health problems. Battling both of these issues can further escalate the challenges during recovery.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 1 in 5 adults in the U.S. suffers from a mental disorder. Substance abuse can further trigger this problem. If you are suffering from both, it is important to have your doctors or clinics coordinate the effort to solve both problems.

Here are a few of the common types of mental health disorders that impact those suffering from addiction.

  • Dissociative Disorders: These are defined as episodes of mental detachment from reality. This affects your behavior and memory. Typically treatment through psychiatric counseling and medication is needed.

  • Eating Disorders:Patients engage in dangerous dietary habits and can typically be treated through counseling.

  • Sexual Disorders: Sexual disorders come in a wide range but refer to genetic and behavior disorders in which patients have difficulty engaging in normal sexual activities.

  • Personality Disorders: This can lead to difficulty during social interactions.

  • Childhood Disorders: Difficulty with certain motor skills or functions.

  • Dependence Disorders: Abuse of a mind altering substance or socially disruptive activity.

  • Sleep Disorders: Genetic disorders that can influence sleep habits. They can usually be treated with exercise, counseling, diet or medication.

With the proper medical attention, these common disorders can be treated effectively. There is a clear connection between mental health disorders and drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. Many people will self-medicate to help mask the symptoms they don’t like from their mental health disorder. For example, someone who is suffering with anxiety drinks alcohol in excess during social situations.

Drug use can also lead to further mental health problems which can put the individual on a cycle of addiction.


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