The Importance of SMART goals in the New Year

If you are in recovery, you likely have many goals for yourself and a list of resolutions you hope to achieve in the new year. While in recovery, goals are important. Motivation to get through and experiencing success can help you continue on the recovery path. Being your healthiest self- physically and emotionally will help you with treatment.


While new year’s resolutions are great, many times people don’t make these goals. A year is a long time. Instead of holding yourself to standards for such a long time period, choose more realistic goals to tackle by giving yourself weekly goals.

Here are tips for setting SMART goals in recovery.

  • S- Specific. State exactly what you want to accomplish. For example, instead of “I will drink more water,” say “I will drink ___ oz of water.”
  • M- Measurable. How can you quantify your achievements or see your success?
  • A- Achievable. Can you attain these goals? They should be challenging but not impossible.
  • R- Realistic. Your goals should be relevant to you as an individual. Does it fit in with your long term goals of recovery?
  • T- Timed. Setting some goals for specific time-based accomplishments is key. Having dates you want to meet your goals by will help with motivation and provide a timeline to follow.

Setting SMART goals is something that can benefit anyone, in work, life or in recovery. How can you use this model to meet your own goals?Set goals today and get started!

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