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Social Treatment Opportunity Programs and LifeSafer Ignition Interlocks are proud to be working together to help get you through your program.

Call 1-855-527-1597 now to schedule your Ignition Interlock Installation and get back on the road again. Mention STOP for Free Installation, no matter the make and model of your vehicle.

As a member of the STOP program, LifeSafer’s dedicated IID Specialist is here to help you with your ignition interlock program. Contact Zac Johannes with LifeSafer and mention STOP at 206-255-5261 with anything you might need.


Friendship Diversion Services was initially formed in the late 1960’s through the efforts of community volunteers in conjunction with the Thurston County prosecutor in Washington. The goal was and is to provide alternative sentencing options for the prosecutor, defense counsel and the courts in an effort to restore victims, reduce criminal justice costs and offer the defendant an opportunity to avoid conviction.