Going on Vacation While in Recovery

Vacations are a great time to rest, relax and enjoy a break from everyday life. Whether you are traveling to an island or a simple stay-cation, they are great for your mental health. If you are in recovery, a vacation can be full of temptations and lead to relapse. Planning ahead will help you avoid your addictions and continue to stay sober on vacation.

  • Remind your family or friends that your sobriety is important.
  • If you have support during the trip, it will help you stay sober.

  • Choose the spot wisely. Returning to a place that brings back any triggers isn’t a good idea. Choose a destination that is brand new or something that has more to do than drinking.
  • Plan a lot of sober activities. Staying busy will help and you will have more fun! Try new things, go outdoors, treat yourself to some indulgences.
  • Be in contact with your support group or sponsor. If you ever feel the urge or need to talk, contacting your support person can help prevent relapse.
  • Have a plan. Avoid stress by having things planned out. This includes your travel, itinerary, food, etc. Preparing ahead can help you stay on the sober path.
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